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Dear Mr Everitt / Stewart,

As I am sure you are aware, despite Milton Keynes thriving in many areas, there are a disconcerting and unacceptable number of children who are trapped living in poverty.

MK Council’s most recent Child Poverty Commission reported that (after housing costs) 22,940 children live in poverty.

The 2021/22 Vital Signs Report from the MK Community Foundation measured the levels at 17% or 10,726 children (prior to housing cost payments).

It is clear that whatever measurements are used, the number of children currently affected by poverty is shocking.

The Child Poverty Commission also reported that, in contrast with previous years, being in employment no longer gives families a guaranteed chance of escaping poverty. And while numbers of people in jobs across MK has risen in recent years, the levels of pay has actually decreased.

Added to this the obvious effects of rising living costs, the end to the Universal Credit up-lift scheme, spiralling fuel costs, expensive public transport, lingering damage from the pandemic, a massively inflated local rental market and increased reliance on computers and internet access for education (a privilege outside of the reach of many children), I am a concerned constituent. Inspired by the work of the Milton Keynes Child Poverty Partnership as well as the many individuals and agencies involved in challenging child poverty in all its forms, I am writing to ask you to use your voice and influence for the benefit of thousands ok MK children.

Please know that as a voting constituent, I see this as a crucial issue. The various efforts and campaigns represented by and within the MKCPP are important to me.

Nationally, please speak up for children, knowing especially that many benefit cuts and tax increases affect them adversely.

Locally, please work with MK Council to ensure that all children can access food during school holidays, that all children can access technology and digital education platforms, and to encourage business across MK to adopt anti-poverty practises.

I look forward to watching your efforts in this area, and thank you in advance,

Yours sincerely,

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