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“Challenging the causes, alleviating the effects and working for the eradication of child poverty in Milton Keynes”

Despite being famed for its job creation, entrepreneurial spirit and abundant leisure options, the trees of Milton Keynes hide a secret: Thousands of children live in fact, 30% of MK children experience the daily burden of poverty* (this equates to roughly 21,900 children**).

Whether they are  affected by increased hunger, decreased health, fewer life opportunities or higher levels of mental stress, two things are clear; it is not their fault and they deserve better.

MKCPP exists to champion these children, to make today easier and tomorrow more hopeful. Join us in making Milton Keynes a place where all children thrive.

*statistics from the Vital Signs Report 2024.
** figures from 

What if we could end the cycle of poverty
being passed from one generation to the next?
What if the automatic entry into adulthood
marked by poverty simply because of a
childhood marked by poverty was eradicated?

We think we can achieve this by flipping the factors.

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