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The Milton Keynes Child Poverty Partnership was created in response to the growing needs of the staggering number of children across MK whose life is impacted by poverty. While there are many working to positively affect the lives of these children and young people, we can achieve much more working together across the government, policy, charity, education and business sectors. 

Not wanting to direct time, resource or energy away from the amazing organisations across MK currently doing fantastic work, the MKCPP purposefully set out to be as agile as possible with a small administrative footprint and has been given an administrative home at St Marks MK. This generous provision enables the MKCPP to use finances appropriately and benefit from the structure of St Marks (for fund-raising, admin and insurance cover for instance) while simultaneously ensuing that all the the energy of the MKCPP can be directed solely at the mission of tackling childhood poverty. 

The Milton Keynes Child Poverty Partnership is supported by

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