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Vital Signs 24

At the end of January, the MK Community Foundation once again launched their annual Vital Signs Report. 

This year, the launch took place in the new Unity Place auditorium, and it was great to see leaders from across the charity, business, philanthropy and political sectors all invited. 

As always, the report contained encouraging stories of wonderful work done by individuals and charities across MK which should rightly be celebrated. But, again, the report shone a spotlight onto the disturbing trends for children living in poverty.

30% off MK children, according to the report, live in poverty. That is almost exactly 30,000 young people. That is a massive number of children experiencing the embarrassment, hardship and exhaustion of poverty on a daily basis. And while the charities and services which support these children are doing incredible work to keep up with demand, they too are working in increasingly demanding circumstances, with their costs rising at alarming levels too. 

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