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The size of the task is huge. More than ten thousand children in MK are affected by poverty. The good news is that there is also a massive number of brilliant people and organisations seeking to help. Working in this area can often feel overwhelming, and the effect that each of us is able to achieve sometimes feels depressingly small.

We believe that working in collaboration is our only hope of making a real impact on the scourge of child poverty. Sharing ideas, resources, encouragement and insight, we can serve the children on Milton Keynes much better.

MKCPP hosts 4 networking events each year. Meeting others who operate in the sector breeds creative and complete solutions, allows learning and efficiency growth and encourages those who feel alone in the work.

If you work to challenge, alleviate or eradicate child poverty, you are welcome to join us at our next partnership event.

Check social media for details of networking events coming up. 

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