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The task of eradicating child poverty is far too big for any single individual, organisation or branch of government. However we believe that if the whole community works in partnership, each playing a part, then a very different future is within our grasp.

Whether you are an individual who wants to do something, a community group, a bunch of friends, a religious organisation, an education provider, employer or policy writer, we would love you to be an “anti-poverty partner”.

There are many ways you could play your part. Scroll through our ideas for inspiration, and see what fits with you, your abilities and your sphere of influence. Remember, on their own, each of these things feel insignificant, but in partnership TOGETHER we can dramatically change the present and the future for children across MK.


Register your interest in becoming an anti-poverty employer

Offer flexible contracts to lone parent employers

Provide safe transport options to staff working unsocial hours

Provide loans, nurseries or grants to staff around certain times of year

or when a house move requires large cash volumes up-front

Sponsor employees to achieve higher educational levels as adult learners

Subsidise nursery placements for children of staff

The Milton Keynes Child Poverty Partnership is supported by

If you would like to sponsor the work of MKCPP, please contact us.