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SOFEA is an education and employability charity for young people who have struggled to get into work or achieve basic qualifications. SOFEA also runs a large food redistribution operation with FareShare in which the programmes for young people sit. We provide: Work – employability, skill building, work experience, volunteering, employment through social enterprises Wellbeing – food, social prescribing, mental health support, coaching, mentoring, behavioural change, sport, social interaction Study – Maths and English, broader curriculum Purpose projects – FareShare food redistribution, Community Larder 07377061987 9 - 5pm Monday to Friday

Age Group
  • 0-3
  • 3-5
  • 5-11
  • 12-16
  • 16-18
Service Area
  • Food
  • Education
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Addiction Support
  • Training and Employment
  • Mentoring & Coaching
Support Type
  • Donations
  • Practical support
  • Advice
  • Counselling
Operates In
  • North of MK
  • South of MK
  • East of MK
  • West of MK

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