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I wish I was old enough to pay the bills

A recent BBC News article included an interview with 9 year old Dayjanta and his mother Christine. 
Despite working for 35 hours a week as a carer, the reality of life for Christine and her family leads Dayjanta to worry constantly about the food, the household bills and his mums ability to make ends meet.

They rely on support fro their local Foodbank, as each month once the rent is paid there is not enough money left for food and other basic provisions. Dayjanta says that when he is older, he wants to be a CEO so that he can afford to pay the bills. 

This story is not a unique one. Many children across Milton Keynes experience the same hunger and levels of stress as they silently worry about their family and their parents. 

To help change this, please consider writing to your local MP and becoming a partner with us in eradicating child poverty in MK. 

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